Meet Hiroshi Ishii-Adajar

Hiroshi Ishii-Adajar is HIP Health Education Program Coordinator.

Hiroshi unites his expertise about the Stanford community and contemplative practices to support all aspects of the Contemplation By Design program. His penchant for detail and his awareness of the needs of faculty, staff and students help him to manage logistics for the annual CBD Summit as well as to develop CBD programming ideas. He feels fortunate to be contributing to the university’s commitment to wellbeing and is excited by this opportunity to work with CBD to bring greater visibility and accessibility to the benefits of contemplative practices.

Hiroshi is a 2017 Stanford Graduate. He began his contemplative journey junior year when he decided to take a leave of absence from his studies in math and physics to hone his sense of purpose and meaning. During the leave, he was able to cultivate clarity by giving time and space to his experience of discontent and uncertainty, and by reading Buddhist philosophy and practicing meditation. Since then he has focused on integrating what he learns from his contemplative practices into his daily life, first to complete his Stanford degree and now as member of the Stanford Health Improvement Program Contemplation By Design team.

Hiroshi loves learning, and spends much of his time reading and writing. He also enjoys playing pickup basketball and opening up his super-tight hamstrings with yoga. He also loves standup, improv, and satire, and can be found laughing with friends viewing Last Week Tonight or The Daily Show.

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